9 Essential Setups For A Successful AdWords Search Campaign

25 November 2017

essential adwords setup

Launching and managing a successful Search Campaign on AdWords requires consistent analysis, management and most importantly optimization. However, to ensure you build and maintain an active campaign resulting in high ROIs, you first need to set up a few things in your AdWords account. With the new AdWords experience, there are some new features you need to consider when building your campaign. Here, I lay out my top 9 setups before launching a search campaign.

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How to do Site-Wide A/B Testing on Google Optimize?

12 November 2017

You may find yourself needing to experiment with an element that exists on all pages for conversion rate optimization. Let’s say you want to test a call-to-action placed in the footer to determine how many conversions you can get if you make the font bigger or change the colour. With Google Analytics Experiment and Google Optimize, you can conduct A/B and multivariate testing on a page-by-page basis but what about a site-wide option?

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4 Excel Formulas for PPC Keywords That You Should Know

5 November 2017

4 Excel Formulas for PPC Keywords You Should Know

Fun Fact: I’ve been using Excel since I was 13, organizing my life, life goals, budget and my once-upon-a-time engineering work into spreadsheets on top of spreadsheets on top of spreadsheets (I’m now 28). And a lot of these functions, formulas and pivot tables can be seen permanently engraved on the inside of my forehead. So when I entered the world of SEO, SEM, and PPC, my intense appreciation for Excel was a useful skill set to leverage.

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