What Do The Click Types on AdWords Segment Report Mean?

10 March 2018

segment by click types

When you segment your report by Click Types on AdWords, it details which component of your ads were clicked on. Note that ads can be “attributed to multiple click types and thus, metric fields may be double-counted and thus totals may not be accurate”. The most common click types include Headline, Phone Calls and Sitelinks but there are actually 45 different click types across the various campaigns on AdWords.

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How to Add Canonical Tags in Magento 2.0 for CMS Pages

23 December 2017

add canonical tags in magento for cms pages

You can create canonical tags for Product and Category pages on Magento, but for some reason, you can’t create it for CMS pages. While looking for a solution, most of the documentation I found says Magento does not automatically add canonical tags for CMS pages. And that you need to leverage the Layout Update XML located in the Design section of the CMS page by inserting a custom code. But this seems to only work for Magento 1.0.

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Life is Hard - My Journey from Engineering to Entrepreneurship to Digital Marketing

10 December 2017

life is hard

If you were to ask me how long it took to figure out what I wanted to do in life, I would say, more or less about 26 years. I am currently 28. Like most people my age (or perhaps most people in general), I have spent 93% of my life wandering, unsure of purpose. Ten years ago I graduated high school and entered Ryerson University to study Electrical Engineering.

Today, I am the lead SEM & SEO Specialist working on various digital marketing initiatives. How did that happen?

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